FPGA-Based Machine Learning with MIPSOLOGY

Mipsology's FPGA boards are faster and cheaper than GPUs - 100% compatible with existing code

Unbeatable Performance/Watt

We reach 200 images/seconds/watt on the AlexNet benchmark with a single board, thanks to our custom, high-performance software and hardware.

Designed for Datacenters

Because your computation needs never stop, our solution is designed to operate reliably 24/7 in datacenter environments. And because we are more power efficient, you can achieve higher-density deployments.

100% Compatible with Your Existing Code

Whether you use Caffe, TensorFlow or other standard frameworks, you will benefit from FPGA performance without having to change your code, or learn how to program FPGAs. You will be up and running in minutes.

Flexible Computations

The same hardware easily support 32-bit, 16-bit, 8-bit as well as exotic sizes in floating or fixed point.


MIPSOLOGY was founded by pioneers in High-Performance FPGA-Based Systems.

Mipsology's founding team has more than 20 years of experience in designing systems with the most complex FPGAs running under Linux. We have designed the best-in-class and largest FPGA-based computers (ASIC emulators). They deliver an incredible 100,000 acceleration ratio over CPU-based solutions to validate the world-most-complex ASICs.

The FPGA-obsessed startup

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News & Hiring

Xilinx Alveo

October 2, 2018 -- Mipsology announces support for Xilinx "Alveo".

Mipsology on TechCrunch

August 22, 2017 -- TechCrunch calls Mipsology an "FPGA-obsessed startup".

Mipsology on AWS F1

April 19, 2017 -- Mipsology leads the pack and brings FPGA-Based Machine Learning to Amazon AWS.

Mipsology Wins Innovation Award

July 17, 2016 -- Mipsology is a laureate of "Innovation 2030", a Worldwide Innovation Competition (PDF).

We are Hiring

We are hiring highly talented engineers and PhD to grow our R&D team in the South of Paris. We also have an opening for Business Development in Silicon Valley. If you love technology and challenging problems, if you know FPGA or software development, contact us at: job2016@mipsology.com