About Us

Company Overview

Mipsology is a groundbreaking startup focused on state-of-the-art acceleration for deep learning inference. Founded in 2015 by a team of engineers and scientists who created a family of world-leading FPGA-based supercomputers over the past 20 years, today Mipsology’s development team enjoys a cumulative experience of well over 200 man-years in AI, math, software programming, and advanced FPGA technology.

Why Mipsology?

FPGAs not only perform at several tera operation-per-second (TOPS), but they also boast extremely low latency, can be reprogrammed to adapt to the fast-moving AI technology instead of re-spinning silicon, and can be deployed in data centers, at the edge, and in IoT devices.

Unfortunately, FPGA programming requires uncommon knowledge and a level of expertise found only in a relatively small community of highly specialized hardware designers.

The Solution

The Mipsology development team devised technology to accelerate the computations of inference neural networks and conceal the hardware accelerator to AI users. Mipsology’s Zebra is the first commercial accelerator that encapsulates such technology to provide high performance and ease of use.

The Team

Ludovic Larzul

Founder and CEO

Sebastien Delerse

Co-Founder and R&D Senior Director of AI & Hardware

Frederic Dumoulin

Co-Founder and R&D Senior Director of Software

Mario Trentini

R&D Senior Director of Products

Ron Burns

VP Business Development & Advisor

Tsugumi Fujitani

Business Development Japan & Asia

Robert Lara

Sr. Director Go-to-market Strategy & Sales Enablement

Jaydev Shelat

VP Products & Solutions

Join Our Team

We are currently hiring highly talented engineers and PhDs to grow our R&D team in Paris and Palaiseau.

We look for profiles in customer support, FPGA design and test, embedded software, software development, math and machine learning research, with and without experience.

We also have an opening for Business Development in Silicon Valley.

If you love technology and challenging problems, contact us at: jobs@mipsology.com