Mispology and Oki Partner to Bring FPGA-Driven Machine Learning (ML) Acceleration to Japanese Market

Machine learning (ML) software innovator Mipsology and design and development company OKI IDS Co., Ltd. (OKI IDS) signed an agreement to join forces on hardware solutions for the Japanese high-speed image processing AI market.

OKI IDS will leverage Mipsology’s best-in-class Zebra ML inference accelerator for application designs targeting the fast-growing ML needs in the Japanese market. Japanese corporations are embracing the revolution of AI while wanting to guarantee the high quality and high performance of their products across all markets, including automotive, industrial robotics, smart cities, medical applications, and video monitoring.

“We are excited by our collaboration with OKI IDS to supply the Japanese demand for neural network computation that supports high-speed, low-latency image processing,” said Ludovic Larzul, CEO and founder of Mipsology. “OKI IDS and Mipsology have a natural synergy and mutual expertise in FPGA design and machine learning that will result in our delivering industry-leading products based on FPGAs.”