faster AI inference computation
high performance & high accuracy

Zebra AI accelerator software,
plug & play inference computing without changing your neural network

Zebra Software

Zebra software is an AI inference accelerator delivering extremely high performance for computing inference on neural networks – without making any changes to your existing neural network.

We focus on software since this is the critical component that saves our users valuable time normally lost to having to change and retrain the neural network as required by other solutions. And Zebra works on all main frameworks including PyTorch, TensorFlow and ONNX.

Zebra delivers benefits you can’t get with GPUs or ASICS 

Today, Zebra deploys on FPGA hardware from best-in-class suppliers like Xilinx.  FPGAs are already used globally by very large enterprise customers and are known for their long lifespan, high reliability and ability to work in very harsh environments from large data centers, to the Mars rover landing vehicle.

The bottom line is Zebra is the most powerful, flexible, easy to use AI inference compute engine on the market.

For technical users, you can use your existing tools and network – no new tools to learn with Zebra, no need to retrain or make *any* changes to your neural network. For line of business owners, you can be assured you are getting consistent performance, long lifespan, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by using Zebra.

No new tools to learn, no retraining of your network needed

Zebra has ‘Plug & Play’ ease-of-use

Zebra works in the data center, at the edge or embedded

Zebra solutions cost less and have a long lifespan


Zebra accelerting ai inference
for real world applications

Smart Retail
Zebra software works locally when/where the information is needed quickly which helps with shrinkage control, security, and inventory management. Zebra also works with the cloud to send large amounts of data back to the cloud for data that does not need to be acted upon immediately
Smart Cities
Cities have deployed 1 billion+ cameras to manage everything from traffic lights, city safety, smart parking and more - This requires substantial AI inference computation performance and accuracy which is precisely what Zebra software delivers.
Medical Imaging
AI innovations and algorithms associated with medical image processing are evolving rapidly. Zebra software consistently delivers enhanced imaging and accuracy since Zebra is constantly refreshed on your FPGA hardware ensuring AI developers and manufacturers keep pace and minimize time to market and cost
AI solutions for automotive require complex processing that continues to evolve once the car is out of the factory. For example, the LIDAR information needs to be processed locally as there isn't time to go back and forth to the cloud. Zebra is built to deliver this kind of performance.
Access Control
For cameras & displays, military and city safety applications and more, Zebra is plug & play and works seamlessly with best-in-class hardware to compute neural network inference extremely fast and with accuracy required by video surveillance AI applications
Industrial Robotics
Industrial robots need to respond within a given timeframe. For many robotics AI applications, even a millisecond delay can cause detrimental results. Zebra's performance includes latency responsiveness that surpasses even top selling GPUs. Additionally, Zebra solutions deploy on any CPU and best-in-class FPGAs so you can rest assured your Zebra solution will be reliable and long lasting.

Our team created Zebra, the most compute efficient AI inference accelerator combined with single command line ease-of-use.

We designed Zebra software to deliver high performance and high accuracy right out of the box, with ease of use for all image-based AI applications.

We are a team of scientists and engineers

Our skills include 200+ years in AI, math, software programming and advanced FPGA technology

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zebra delivers HIGH performance AND LOWER COST
for computing neural networks

Leveraging the first Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP)
AI compute enabled by Zebra
Zebra enables seamless transition from training to deploying AI in the Data Center or at the Edge with high performance

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